Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She Will Spend WAY Too Much Time on Valentines!

I always have grandiose plans for Valentine's Day and this year was no different.  I scoured Pinterest and the internet for Valentine ideas that did not include candy.  Morgan gets tons of candy for Valentine's Day, so I was hoping to give out something a little different.  I came up with tons of ideas and haven't settled on the final plan, but I'll be sure to share that later this week.  I did come across a great idea for teacher's gifts that all came together rather well.

First, I need to start by stating this past weekend was Lady's Weekend in Michigan with my sister and mom.  We spent Saturday shopping at the outlet mall, checking out a winery, eating and most importantly, drinking (perhaps a little too much for me).  While shopping at the outlet, we came across a big sale at Bath & Body Works.  I was able to pick up travel size bottles of their Valentine-appropriate scent, Paris Amour, for a steal!

I was going to use my regular printer (boring) to create a fun tag and then cut out the shape using my Silhouette, but I found that either my printer is out of ink or it just chooses to print anything I send.  Either way, I had to improvise and use the Silhouette alone.  This was a great learning experience because I have a complete understanding now of what fonts will and won't work.  For example, big fat fonts are perfect but skinny, script-like fonts are a disaster! Seriously, PAY ATTENTION!  The script font was a PAIN IN THE BUTT and took forever to ensure all of the letters were cut out.  In the end, I was covered with small white specks of paper and I was exhausted even with the thought of using my Silhouette again.
We were SOAPIN you'd be our Valentine!

Either way, I do think they turned out well and I like the double color.  I picked up some personalized stamps for my girls from Pick Your Plum a couple of months ago and this was the perfect opportunity to give them a go!

 It's a little faint in the picture, but I was able to stamp their names on the bag with green ink (whitish silver did not show up very well and I thought red would clash).  I'm pretty proud of the final product and I really feel it's something the teachers at Morgan and Amelia's daycare will appreciate!

I'll be back on Friday to share our Valentine's Dinner and my final decision for the girl's Valentine treats.  I hope everyone has a fun and happy Valentine's Day!


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