Monday, March 18, 2013

She Will Finally Finish!

One of the first DIY projects I ever pinned and fell in love with on Pinterest was a reclaimed wood wall art project at Shanty 2 Chic.  It was simple and looked easy enough to put together.  Matt doesn't allow me to touch the power tools as he is afraid I will cut off my fingers and to be honest, it's not an unfair assessment.  He was in charge of making the sign and decided on a deep walnut stain.  We originally hung it in our bedroom, but after moving some furniture around after Christmas, we moved it to the family room, where it can be enjoyed by more people!

The sign is actually a combination of 1x6 and 1x2 boards.  It might have received a light sanding before the stain was applied, but other than that it is a pretty raw sign.  
Matt completed the wood sign at least a year ago, so we have been debating for some time on what quote we would put on the board.  My original inspiration just used the word, "love" and I liked that, but Matt wanted to do a little something more.  I had been pinning different quotes, but nothing really spoke to us.  Finally, inspiration struck!  Matt and I had been debating about whether to stay in Mahomet or move closer to our family and friends in the Naperville area.  We didn't know what to do but knew we needed to come to a decision so we could move forward with plans either way.  I was driving home from a particularly exciting book club and the Philip Phillips song, "Home" came on the radio.  That song has been speaking to me for awhile but on that night, while listening to that song, I knew staying in Mahomet was the right choice for us.  We have a great house, our kids attend an amazing daycare, and we are surrounded by lifetime friends, what more could we want?

The very next night Matt and I sat down to talk about the move and we agreed that staying in Mahomet for at least another 2-3 years was the right decision for us and our little family.  I also told Matt about the quote I wanted to use and how I wanted it to look, he was sold!  Unfortunately, this decision was made in the fall and I did not get my Silhouette until Christmas, so we still had some time before the sign was completed.  We finally found some unexpected free time this past week and finished up the sign.

I cut the quote out of vinyl and got out my Omnigrid to help put it on.  I know you can use transfer paper and I have heard that painters tape works great for transfering vinyl quotes as well, but I didn't have either and I was determined to get it done.  
I even had a helper watch over the whole process.
When the vinyl was on and the sign was up, Matt and I were both ecstatic with the results.  It's one of my favorite things in our family room and it's perfect for us!
Anyone else out there have Pinterest projects that you really want to get done but need the right motivation?  Anyone else have to make the agonizing decision about moving to be closer to family or staying right where you are?




  2. Beautiful! I have about 200 projects that need to be finished! :) I'm slowing moving ahead on them... first on the list is to catch up on photobooks and albums. Getting there... but spring has me wanting to redo our whole house :)