Thursday, January 3, 2013

She Will Come Back With A Vengeance (and a Silhouette Cameo)!

Yes, you read that right, I was given a Silhouette Cameo from my AMAZING husband for Christmas!  The best part...I think he is almost as excited as I am about the endless possibilities!  It took me a couple of days, but I finally opened up the box, read through the instruction manual, watched the instructional video, and pored over numerous YouTube videos!  I am ready to take on my first project!

My favorite thing to do with my girls is finger painting.  The Shady's gifted Morgan with her first finger paint and doodle pad for her first birthday.  I was a little dubious how this would go over with a 1 year old, but after laying out a vinyl tablecloth on the ground and stripping Morgan down to her diaper, I figured out this is a pretty fun way to create lasting memories (emotional and physical)!  We had some friends over yesterday and with the intent of entertaining and tiring out the little ones, we broke out the finger paints.  I normally have a project in mind, but we just let the kids pick their colors and paint what they want.  The end result was a beautiful mish-mash of colors.

I love saving Morgan's finger paint projects, but have never been really sure of how to display them.  I did purchase these cheap 4x6 frames from Ikea a couple of months ago and was hoping I could eventually use them (sorry about the bad picture, not sure why I couldn't flip this).

Originally, I just cut out 4x6 sections of Morgan's finger painting and put those in the frames.  I actually liked the end result, but was hoping for something a little more exciting.

I did eventually find inspiration on Pinterest with a post on Art Gallery Animals from Meet the Dubiens.

This is where my love for finger painting art and love for my Silhouette Cameo collide!  I was able to cut out some fun animal silhouettes with my Silhouette that allowed me to showcase the finger paint art perfectly!  Below are a couple of shots of my first Silhouette project!
This is actually my very first project and I used another little friend's finger painting.  Kamden's color choices look great with the elephant.
Since the first project turned out so well, I hunted for more animal silhouettes to use with Morgan's art.
Close up of the lion, my favorite!
I am so excited about how these turned out, but since these are pretty small frames, I think I'm going to need to create some more art to go on Morgan's bedroom wall.  I have always loved gallery walls, but I have a feeling we are going to go gallery wall overboard in our house!

I am unsure how to post the templates that I used for the Silhouette on this blog post, but if you would like a copy of the template I used, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Here is hoping I can do a much better job keeping up with the blogging in 2013!


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