Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She Will Get a Barn Door

It's 100% done!  Can you believe it?  I can barely believe it!  Promax Construction has completed all of the work, not only does it feel like we have our house back but we also now have our life back!  In addition to installing the white base boards, they installed the 7 foot wide sliding barn door.  Matt and I picked out the door design and stain color, then Promax built the door.  It was so large they had to bring it into the basement in two pieces and put it back together before hanging it, but It looks amazing!  Below are some before and after installation pictures.

Picture of the full wall that will hold the sliding barn door.  The header on this wall above the entry way was added to help support the hardware for the door.
Shot from the play room side into the "man cave".  Once the barn door is installed it can slide all the way closed to provide some privacy to this area.  The original plan for this room in addition to a "man cave" was to also offer us another guest room (couch pulls out to sleeper)

This is the back of the door or the part that the play room will see when the door is closed.  You can see the hardware has been installed on the top, but obviously it has not been hung.

It is really hard to tell, but there is a light switch in between the door and the end of the wall.  If the door is completely shut or completely open, this light switch is still accessible.  The black contraption on the floor helps to keep the door on track.  We need to get one more to help, but for now this works.  

Close up of hardware from Rustic Hardware.  While we did not order our barn door from Rustic Hardware, we did visit their site for design ideas.  

This is a shot from the play room into the "man cave".   

We absolutely LOVE the barn door.  This is something we discussed building/buying and installing ourselves, but didn't trust ourselves to complete.  When interviewing potential contractors, this was a MUST have on our basement renovation list because we really thought it would be the perfect way to add another guest room without closing up the walls and making the room seem smaller.  Now that the door is installed, I think it also adds a great design element and is quite the show stopper.  

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